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  • Tillman 1464 Double Palm Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves (1 Pair)

Tillman 1464 Double Palm Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves (1 Pair)

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Tillman 1464 Double Palm Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves (1 Pair)


A drivers glove that you can spot weld with!



  • Top grain Cowhide palm with added Cowhide split palm, thumb, and index finger
  • Palm, index finger and thumb all sewn with Kevlar® thread for strength and heat resistance
  • Rollover index finger works great for spot welding
  • A wing thumb for natural feel
  • Cowhide split back with elastic for snug fit



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Safeguard Against Hazards on the Job

Regardless of what industry you work in, having the right kind of gloves can protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, intense heat and other damage. They should have a snug yet comfortable fit to reduce chafing and rubbing throughout the day, and they should meet any industry standards for your particular job.
If you’re on a budget, you may be tempted to pick a pair of cheap gloves up and expect them to last. It’s much better to consider quality over price and purchase a brand name pair of gloves that you won’t have to replace every few months. Gloves like these Tillman 1464 double palm drivers’ gloves are suited for industrial, construction, electric, oil and gas, transportation and welding industries, and they are affordable for individual use and for companies purchasing them in bulk.

Choosing Tillman for Reliable Performance

The John Tillman Company was founded in 1928 in Southern California and created to provide quality personal protection equipment (PPE) to individuals who worked in welding. Today, the Tillman name is a recognized name in the industry, providing products like welding blankets, curtains and screens, helmets, clothing and other accessories.
The company has distribution centers throughout the United States, which makes it easy to get products quickly and easily. The company also has international production centers, which makes the brand known across the world.

Understanding Glove Material

One of the biggest factors when choosing a pair of driver’s gloves is the material. These Tillman 1464 gloves are crafted from top-grain spilt cowhide that offers comfort, durability, and excellent resistance to abrasions. Cowhide is also extremely breathable, so hands stay comfortable throughout the workday, even in hot and humid conditions.
Kevlar threading is used for increased strength and heat resistance. Cheaper gloves are often sewn with nylon or cotton threads that may compromise the seams of the glove. The palm, index finger, and thumb of the Tillman 1464 glove are all sewn on with Kevlar thread, which provides increased stability at the stress points.

Focusing on Dexterity

Ergonomically designed gloves provide greater dexterity, which reduces hand fatigue. Gloves that allow a full range of movement also reduces the likelihood you will take them off during a work task. Some tasks require a glove with increased sensitivity, so you can feel the materials you’re working with. This is particularly true when working with small welding rods and metals. You have to be able to feel the materials for increased accuracy.
The Tillman 1464 glove is soft and durable enough for spot welders yet designed for lightweight tasks like running machines in an industrial setting, handling heavy loads on the construction site and lifting boxes and other materials. Overall, this glove has a multipurpose design with a natural feel.



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