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  • Tillman 1470 Top Grain Goatskin and Spandex Performance TrueFit Gloves (1 Pair)

Tillman 1470 Top Grain Goatskin and Spandex Performance TrueFit Gloves (1 Pair)

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Tillman 1470 Top Grain Goatskin and Spandex Performance TrueFit Gloves (1 Pair)

  • Top grain Goatskin construction for the best dexterity
  • Leather and spandex design will outlast and outperform all-synthetic high dexterity gloves
  • Rough side out double palm for longer life and better gripping power
  • Reinforced thumb to protect severe stress areas
  • Smooth surface fingers for improved handling
  • Elastic cuff with hook and loop closure provides secure fit, less bulk
  • Top grain leather side bolsters add additional protection for side surface work
  • All finger tips covered in leather for heavy wear area protection
  • Not designed for welding


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True Fitting and Comfortable Hand Protection

One of the big paradoxes of the heavy industry is that despite the necessity of different occupations and functions, such as creating pipelines, putting up buildings, or even fabricating new parts and components, few of these activities would be considered “safe” by reasonable standards. The forces involved, the power required, and often the tools of the trade themselves all bring a huge amount of risk.

However, that risk, as ever-present as it may be, is easily mitigated by two things; professionals being careful and taking the right precautions. Doing the job using the proper techniques is always a surefire way to get a task done both efficiently and safely. But wearing the right protective gear is crucial as well. This is especially true for your hands, which you rely on for a multitude of different tasks over the course of a day. That’s why Tillman created the 1470 premium glove.

Tillman’s Commitment To Safety

Tillman is from the west coast, having first gotten its start in 1928. At that time, oil was still a major industry within the United States itself, and so Tillman focused its efforts on providing the kind of protective gear that oil workers would need. Their hard work, however, got noticed by more than just Californian industrial workers.

By the 21st century, Tillman had not only stretched its reputation beyond California; it had expanded its wares to many other fields of industry. It wasn’t just the oil workers who needed good protection. Anyone that welded, drove professionally or even worked in construction benefited from having quality safety gear. The Tillman 1470 top grain Trufit glove was designed to uphold this legacy.

Best Welding Gloves for Dexterity and Performance

The Tillman 1470 Top Grain Top Grain Goatskin and Spandex Performance Gloves are part of the premium Trufit line of Tillman safety wear. It’s important to note that while these are heavy duty work gloves, they are not rated for welding, so it’s not advised to wear them if you need protection from spatter or high heat and flame resistance.

Because the gloves have a combination of leather and spandex, they provide the dexterity that workers value from synthetic materials, but with a much longer lifespan. For added protection, the fingertips have been covered with leather, and the rough side out double palm increases both the durability and the grip of the gloves for people want extra traction while working. There’s even a reinforced thumb to protect severe stress areas.

Friendly Prices, Fast Shipping

For anyone that could use a premium pair of Tillman 1770 gloves, any order placed with us can be sent to any door in the continental USA. The package will arrive in safe, pristine condition, and there will be little waiting time thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, respected shipping partners. To get even more value for your money, look around our website and order more from us! Any order that totals $100 or more will receive free shipping and handling!

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