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  • Tillman 1485 Top Grain Pigskin/Spandex Thinsulate Truefit Gloves (1 Pair)

Tillman 1485 Top Grain Pigskin/Spandex Thinsulate Truefit Gloves (1 Pair)

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Tillman 1485 Top Grain Pigskin/Spandex Thinsulate Truefit Gloves (1 Pair)

All the comfort of TrueFit™ with the added warmth of 3MThinsulate™.



  • Naturally moisture resistant top grain pigskin withThinsulate™ winter lining
  • Spandex back for precision fit
  • Leather and spandex design will outlast and outperform all-synthetic high dexterity gloves
  • Rough side out double palm for longer life and better gripping power
  • Reinforced thumb to protect severe stress areas
  • Smooth surface fingers for improved handling
  • Elastic cuff with hook and loop closure provides secure fit, less bulk
  • Top grain leather side bolsters add additional protection for side surface work
  • All finger tips covered in leather for heavy wear area protection
  • Not designed for welding



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Protective Gear for the Winter

When winter sets in and the temperature drops to freezing lows, it's tempting to spend the day cuddling up in the cozy, warm indoors. But this may not be a luxury that you can afford because winter doesn’t exempt you from having to do outdoor chores. There’s snow in the pathway that needs to be shoveled, tree branches that need to be pruned, tools that need to be sharpened and cleaned, or a water sprout that need to be repaired. Or in some case, the pending tasks at your workplace need immediate completion, no matter what the weather is like.

These chores keep your hands busy, but the freezing cold will surely slow your hands down and compromise your safety without the proper protective cover. Find the perfect fitting winter work gloves that give your hands ample protection and insulation while providing the needed dexterity with a pair of Tillman 1485 Top Grain Pigskin and Spandex Thinsulate Truefit Gloves.

Tillman’s Versatile Glove Product Line

The John Tillman Company started out in 1928 as a manufacturer of gloves and protective work garments for welders. Over the years it evolved and expanded its line of protective gloves into a wider range of specialty gloves — welding, drivers, work, winter, high heat, cut resistant, anti-vibration and the TrueFit line. Today, Tillman is one of the leading manufacturers of protective gloves and clothing for welding and general work applications.

Tillman’s TrueFit protective gloves are versatile and are specially designed to combine fit, comfort and protection in an ultimate performance glove. Tillman’s TrueFit gloves provide a snug fit and optimum dexterity while maximizing protection.

The Truefit Gloves with Thinsulate Winter Lining

The Tillman 1485 Top Grain Pigskin and Spandex Thinsulate Truefit Gloves feature moisture-resistant top grain pigskin, which is the best leather for winter conditions. The gloves are lined with 3M Thinsulate that adds significant warmth when working in cold weather conditions. The spandex back gives a precision fit and added dexterity while the elastic cuff with hook and loop closure easily snaps and adjusts to a comfortable fit.

Top grain leather side bolsters provide extra protection against scratches when your hands get scoured in tight working spaces. Smooth surface fingers and leather fingertips boost protection without compromising grip and handling. While the Tillman 1485 Top Grain Pigskin and Spandex Thinsulate Truefit Gloves provide optimum hand safety protection for a wide range of jobs, it is not designed as a protective glove for welding jobs.

Quality and Value Delivered at Your Doorstep

Order a pair of winter-lined Tillman 1485 TrueFit gloves now, and we’ll deliver them right at your doorstep. We guarantee fast shipping and flat shipping rates to any location in the continental USA through any of our reliable carrier-partners. If you wish to purchase additional items, we’ll even offer free shipping if your total purchase amounts to $100.

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