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  • Victor 0382-0015 HD310C Heavy Duty Cutting Torch Handle

Victor 0382-0015 HD310C Heavy Duty Cutting Torch Handle

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Victor 0382-0015 HD310C Heavy Duty Cutting Torch Handle



This is a genuine Victor Torch Handle.


The Victor 0382-0015 Torch Handle is built tough to withstand rugged job site conditions. Threaded assembly permits economical repair if service is necessary. The HD 310C has “B” hose connections with built-in reverse flow check valves for added safety. The HD 310C is compatible with high capacity heating nozzles and all Victor 300 Series equipment.

This torch handle works with the following Victor Equipment:

  • MFA & MFN heating nozzles
  • Type 55 high capacity heating nozzles
  • CA 2460 cutting attachment
  • W Series welding nozzles



WARNING: Use flashback arrestors
Although built to Victor’s quality and safety standards, due to the flow capacity requirements, flashback arrestors are not manufactured into this Victor heavy industry torch handle
To reduce the risk of personal injury, death and/or property damage, use sufficient capacity flashback arrestors with all Victor heavy industry torch products

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Welding Can Be Tough

Welding is a vital process in a lot of different fields and industries, especially when working with metals and getting them into the desired configuration or shape. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case that a skilled worker will get to do welding work under ideal conditions, such as a climate controlled workshop with easy access to electricity and gas.
Sometimes work has to take place in harsher conditions, like out in rural areas, or on the ocean for offshore rigs and other marine facilities. Even the relatively familiar activities of construction can occasionally make for difficult working conditions on-site depending on the circumstances. When you have tough jobs like this, you need equipment that is up to the task of meeting the demands and challenges. Victor Technologies has some solutions for this when it comes to welding.

Victor’s Long March to Safety

Back in 1913, the Victor founder, L.W. Stettner was a welder by trade and lost one of his eyes to a welding accident. After that, he dedicated his professional life to making sure the accident that cost him his vision wouldn’t happen to others in the same line of work. For decades, Victor Technologies kept that promise to the tradesmen of many heavy industries.
Today, Victor Technologies is now part of the much larger ESAB Group, a Swedish industrial company that has scoured the world for the most promising equipment and technology providers, partnering with them to create a larger, multinational company that produces high-quality tools and equipment to let people do their best work with maximum safety. This, of course, includes welding work with tools like the Victor heavy duty cutting torch handle.

Durable & Reliable Heavy Duty Cutting Torch Handle

The Victor HD310C cutting torch handle is specifically designed for heavy duty work. It’s a compatible with high capacity heating nozzles and all Victor 300 series equipment. One important operating feature to keep in mind is that flashback arrestors have NOT been built into the handle because of the flow capacity requirements, but it still encourages the use of flashback arrestors for safe operation.
The HD310C is good for industrial and general fabrication, light fabrication, repair, maintenance and structural steel fabrication. The threaded assembly of the handle means repairs can be conducted on the unit if necessary, and the “B” hose connections feature built-in reverse flow check valves for more safety. This is a tough piece of equipment that, if used right, will be up to the task of your most demanding jobs.

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