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  • Walter 04-Z-992 2" Twist Starter Kit (1 Each)

Walter 04-Z-992 2" Twist Starter Kit (1 Kit)

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Walter 04-Z-992 2" Twist Starter Kit (1 Kit)

Achieve the right finish, from sanitary to pharmaceutical to reflective finishes, quickly maximize your productivity with this system. 

The answer to all your finishing needs!



  • All metals



  • Finishing introductory starter kit 


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Walter Has All Your Finishing Solutions

Just building something doesn’t mean that the job is done. This is especially true for the most intensive projects, such as tools or products that are meant for medical or pharmaceutical use. In these cases, the final product needs to be meticulously cleaned and polished to make sure no contaminants can mix with whatever the equipment is being used for. In the automotive industry, it’s a matter of consumer pride; no one wants a car part that looks dirty or grimy. And that’s where Walter’s twister starter kit comes in.

The Walter Legacy of Quality

In the 1950s, Walter Somer started with a simple wish to start a small company in Pointe-Claire, a suburb of his hometown of Montreal, in French Canada. The company’s goal was very simple; make quality equipment for the heavy and construction industries of the region. His wish came true, but it went far beyond the borders of Quebec as word spread of the quality of his equipment and innovations. That little Quebec company is now Walter Surface Technologies and has offices in different countries, as well as a global presence that sets standards throughout the industry. Today, their equipment is used in many industrial capacities, whether it is cutting, grinding, polishing or other activities. Walter is now a trusted name, and when people use the equipment, they know they’re getting a quality product, which is why introductory products like this starter kit are so important.

Getting a Good Start on Finishes

For people that are just beginning to work in the industry and learning about proper finishes, the Walter Twist Starter Kit is a fantastic product to start learning the ropes. The starter kit includes an array of separate discs that will give many different types of finishes for all metals. The discs give you a good feel for cleaning, conditioning, sanding, grinding and finishing. From here, you can get a small taste of the quality of Walter discs and how they cope with your diverse needs. Then it’s just a matter of picking and choosing the types of activities you’ll be focusing on and moving on from this “sampler pack” to the more specialized products. Whatever kind of work you do, whether it's automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, or something else that requires an exact, precise finish, there’s something in this starter kit that will get the job done.

Great Prices, Good Shipping Times

To get your Walter Twist Starter Kit, just order it from us, and we can ship it with very reasonable prices as long as you live somewhere in the continental United States. You’ll get your kit fast thanks to our partnerships with many established shipping companies, and if you decide that you need more, and order over $100 of products from us, you don’t even need to worry about the shipping and handling fee. It’ll be on us as our way of showing appreciation for the business that you’ve chosen to give us.


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