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  • Walter 06-A-602 6" x 5/8-11 Enduro-Flex Turbo Flap Discs (10 Pack)

Walter 06A602 6" x 5/8-11" Spin-On 80 Grit Enduro-Flex Turbo Flap Discs

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Walter 06A602 6" x 5/8-11" Spin-On 80 Grit Enduro-Flex Turbo Flap Discs



This extremely aggressive flap disc removes material like a 36 grit but leaves a 60 grit, paint-ready finish, saving you a valuable step in the finishing process. The new 80 grit Enduro Flex Turbo™ disc boats the highest removal rate for an 80 grit flap disc in the industry, offering the ultimate combination between aggressive weld removal and smooth finishing. The innovative life and minimizing heat transfer to the surface. Whether you are working with steel or stainless steel, Enduro Flex Turbo™ will help you blend welds and break edges faster. 

  • Type 27S
  • Arbor: 5/8"-11"
  • Grit: 36/60
  • Max RPM: 10,200
  • Exclusive flap configuration and Cyclone™ Technology for ultra fast metal removal 
  • Turbofan™ Cooling keeps the workpiece cooler for longer disc life
  • Extremely fast removal rate, up to 33 g/min



  • Deburring
  • Weld removal, grinding, blending
  • Edge breaking 





06A452 4.5" 5/8-11" 36/60 X
06A458 4.5" 5/8-11" 80 X
06A462 4.5" 7/8" 36/60
06A502 5" 5/8-11" 36/60 X
06A508 5" 5/8-11" 80 X
06A512 5" 7/8" 36/60
06A602 6" 5/8-11" 36/60 X
06A712 7" 7/8" 36/60


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    Make the Final Finish Count

    Few people outside the construction, fabrication or other heavy industries give much thought to the many complex, labor and skill-intensive processes required to create the structures and equipment around us. Construction and fabrication aren’t just about putting materials together, welding them, and then calling it a day. Some components, like those used in science, medicine, and food need extra care. Otherwise, formulations can be tainted and don’t work properly, or food can be harmful. When a final finish has to count, you need a Walter Enduro-Flex Turbo flap disc to do the job.

    The Walter Commitment

    Back in the 1950s, in the Montreal suburb of Pointe-Claire, a man named Walter Somers had an idea. He felt that the improvements he had in mind for certain types of industrial tools could make a real difference to the tradesmen of French Canada. He started a business to see if he was right and found that he was more right than he ever could have suspected. He was so right that word of his quality work spread beyond Quebec, then beyond Canada.

    Now that company, called Walter Surface Technologies, shares its innovations with the entire world, and has offices in different continents. Throughout it all, Walter products continue to function on a core philosophy of innovation, safety, and efficiency that sets new standards in the industry. Walter products aid skilled tradesmen all over the world in a variety of different processes, and when it comes to metal finishing, the 06-A-602 Enduro-Flex Turbo flap disc is an essential accessory.

    Safety & Quality

    This 6” Enduro-Flex Turbo flap disc comes with all the improvements to metal finishing that Walter has incorporated over the years. “Cyclone technology” is a key design element, mixing a specific combination of abrasives with cooling agents to ensure smooth, trouble-free operation with heat sensitive alloys. Even the disc design itself plays a role in cooling, with a turbo fan design that uses the rotation of the disc itself for added, more efficient cooling that takes advantage of natural mechanical processes. This is combined with exclusive flap geometry for better, safer usage.

    All of this translates into a disc with one of the highest removal rates in the industry, as much as 60% more than some of its competitors. For people that need to apply a proper finish to steel, stainless steel or aluminum, this is the disc that will get the job done, not just quickly, but with a long lifespan before needing to be replaced, which also saves on cost efficiency. If you do any deburring, weld removal, grinding, blending or edge breaking, this is your disc.

    Great Prices & Fast Shipping on Enduro Flex Flap Discs

    The 06-A-602 Enduro-Flex Turbo flap discs are packaged as an economy 10 pack, for more convenience. If you live anywhere in the continental United States, we have an alliance with a network of trusted shipping partners that will send your order right to your door. And you don’t even have to worry about the cost of shipping and handling. We’ll pay the cost of shipping ourselves as a way to show our gratitude for your decision to support our business.


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