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  • Walter 06-B-454 4 1/2" x 5/8-11 40 Grit Enduro-Flex Flap Discs (10 Pack)

Walter 06B454 4.5" 40 Grit Spin-On Enduro-Flex Flap Disc

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Walter 06B454 4.5" 40 Grit Spin-On Enduro-Flex Flap Disc


The ENDURO-FLEX one-step finishing discs not only meet but surpass the challenges that the metal fabricating industry faces on a daily basis. With the new ultra sharp and refined zirconium grain, the ENDURO-FLEX finishing disc will stay sharper for a longer period of time while removing more material faster.


In addition, a special top coat continuously cools and lubricates the disc for smooth, vibration-free grinding and sanding from start to finish. Moreover, there is no need to discard the disc when the flap overhang is worn down to the backing because the ENDURO-FLEX disc can be restored to like-new performance by reducing the diameter of the ECO-TRIM backing.


  • Arbor: 5/8"-11"
  • Max RPM: 13,300
  • One step finishing solution to reduce cost
  • Quiet, vibration-free grinding
  • Raised hub fits all standard grinder back flanges
  • With integral thread 5/8"-11"
  • ECO-TRIM backing for increased life and flexibility
  • Safe and easy to trim
  • Always use a back flange
  • Backing can be trimmed for working in corners



  • Steel
  • Stainless steel



  • Grinding and finishing welds
  • Surface finishing 





06B454 4.5" 5/8"-11" 40
06B456 4.5" 5/8"-11" 60
06B458 4.5" 5/8"-11" 80
06B462 4.5" 5/8"-11" 120
06B504 5" 5/8"-11" 40
06B506 5" 5/8"-11" 60
06B508 5" 5/8"-11" 80
06B512 5" 5/8"-11" 120
06B604 6" 5/8"-11" 40
06B606 6" 5/8"-11" 60
06B608 6" 5/8"-11" 80
06B612 6" 5/8"-11" 120

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    Complete Your Grinding & Finishes Properly

    Some people believe that a smooth finish on a structure or component is just icing on the cake; it’s nice to have and look at, but just “window dressing” and not essential for anything other than appearance. In some cases, that may be true, and in other cases, this is a false, sometimes even dangerous notion. For pipes that transport important fluids, work in medical, pharmaceutical or even food industries, a smooth finish can mean the difference between something safe for human use and something that can harm consumers. That’s why the Walter 06-B-454 Grit Enduro-Flex flap discs were made.

    The Walter Commitment to Quality Grinding Products

    It was during the 1950s, in the Montreal suburb of Point-Claire that Walter Somers decided to go into business for himself. He was convinced that he had improvements to the tools that Quebec tradesmen used in French Canada that would help them to work faster, with more efficiency and safety. He was right, and the reputation of his quality tools spread beyond Quebec, then beyond Canada, and eventually beyond North America itself.

    His little Quebec company has now changed its name to Walter Surface Technologies, but there’s one thing that has remained constant throughout the life of the company. The Walter commitment to innovation continues to this day, setting new industry standards in quality and efficiency in a variety of different processes. One of those processes is grinding and finishing, with the Walter 06-B-454 Grit Enduro-Flex flap disc as a great example.

    High Efficiency Grinding

    Grinding components to a finish is, by the very definition of the job, something that eats away at the tool. Abrasive grinders wear down a surface by wearing down the discs used in the job. The 40 Grit Enduro-Flex, however, makes some important changes in design. The discs themselves have a special top coat that cools the disc for smooth, vibration free grinding, making it both easier and faster to work with good control. The material of the disc itself lasts up to three times longer than any other disc on the market.

    But what really sets the Enduro-Flex disc apart is the clever design. Even when the edge of the disc has finally worn down, where other discs would require replacement, the eco-trim backing of the Enduro-Flex can be stripped away, to expose more usable disc underneath and get maximum value out of a single disc. When you combine this with the high removal rate, and its ability to work on steel and stainless steel, you have a one-step finishing solution that’s helping reduce costs in a lot of areas.

    Good Prices with Quick Shipping

    If you want the 40 Grit Enduro-Flex flap discs as part of your toolset, you can get an economy pack of 10 for more convenience. We will ship your order straight to your door if you live anywhere within the continental United States. You’ll also enjoy reasonable shipping and handling fees thanks the alliances we have with many reputable shipping partners.

    For added value, if you place an order with us over $100, you don’t even have to worry about shipping fees. We’ll pay it ourselves, as our way of showing you that we appreciate the support that you’ve given to our business.

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