Walter 06B462 4.5" x 5/8"-11" 120 Grit Enduro-Flex Flap Disc

$ 121.12
By Walter


Walter 06B462 4.5" x 5/8"-11" 120 Grit Enduro-Flex Flap Disc


The ENDURO-FLEX one-step finishing discs not only meet but surpass the challenges that the metal fabricating industry faces on a daily basis. With the new ultra sharp and refined zirconium grain, the ENDURO-FLEX finishing disc will stay sharper for a longer period of time while removing more material faster.


In addition, a special top coat continuously cools and lubricates the disc for smooth, vibration-free grinding and sanding from start to finish. Moreover, there is no need to discard the disc when the flap overhang is worn down to the backing because the ENDURO-FLEX disc can be restored to like-new performance by reducing the diameter of the ECO-TRIM backing.


  • Arbor: 5/8"-11"
  • Max RPM: 13,300
  • One step finishing solution to reduce cost
  • Quiet, vibration-free grinding
  • Raised hub fits all standard grinder back flanges
  • With integral thread 5/8"-11"
  • ECO-TRIM backing for increased life and flexibility
  • Safe and easy to trim
  • Always use a back flange
  • Backing can be trimmed for working in corners



  • Steel
  • Stainless steel



  • Grinding and finishing welds
  • Surface finishing 





06B454 4.5" 5/8"-11" 40
06B456 4.5" 5/8"-11" 60
06B458 4.5" 5/8"-11" 80
06B462 4.5" 5/8"-11" 120
06B504 5" 5/8"-11" 40
06B506 5" 5/8"-11" 60
06B508 5" 5/8"-11" 80
06B512 5" 5/8"-11" 120
06B604 6" 5/8"-11" 40
06B606 6" 5/8"-11" 60
06B608 6" 5/8"-11" 80
06B612 6" 5/8"-11" 120


          • REDUCED WASTE: ECOTRIM allows trimming the backing pad up to 3 times to expose unused material and extend the life of the product.
          • LESS PLASTIC: 35% of the weight of the ECOTRIM is natural fibers to reduce overall quantity of synthetic components required to produce backing pads
          • LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION: The cold cured glue used in conjunction with the ECOTRIM doesn’t require an additional oven curing step and reduces overall energy consumption during the manufacturing process of the discs