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  • Walter 07-E-420  Brushed Finish Kit- Curved 5/8-11 (1 Each)

Walter 07E420 Brushed Finish Kit- Curved 5/8" - 11" (1 Kit)

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Walter 07E420 Brushed Finish Kit- Curved 5/8" - 11" (1 Kit)

Curved surface kit includes: 1 Enduro-Flex 2-in-1 disc, 1 Blendex U cup disc, 3 Blendex T-Lock belts, medium grit


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Perfect Finishing with the Walter Brushed Finish Kit

Cutting and welding metals together is an essential part of construction, but finishing a project properly can make all the difference. It’s important to get the essential structure there, but for something to be truly ready to do its job, especially in some specialized industries, a piece needs to be cleaned and polished before it’s ready to go. There are a lot of different ways to do this, but fortunately, Walter Surface Technologies is there for you and all your finishing needs.

Quality Walter Products with The Canadian Touch

It was in the 1950s, in a suburb of Montreal called Pointe-Claire that Walter Somer began a company dedicated to helping the local construction and heavy industries of French Canada. His equipment and innovations, however, were too good to remain local secrets, and word quickly spread about the quality and workmanship of his products. Now, Walter Surface Technologies is a global company, and one of the leading groups in the industry when it comes to welding, cutting and finishing. Every stage of these processes has been analyzed, augmented and improved by the work of Walter Surface Technologies, and they now have a huge range of equipment to suit the many different techniques and processes that industry professionals need. Finishing is no exception.

The Right Finish For The Right Job

Depending on the material and the final function of a particular project, different finishes will need to be applied, and Walter Surface Technologies is prepared. The 07-E-420 brushed finish kit isn’t just one product; it’s a collection of them to give the veteran worker everything required for different jobs. The kit has a variety of discs that will fit with the Walter Big Buff III circular finishing tool for curved surfaces. It comes with Enduro-Flex and Blendex U discs, as well as Blendex T-lock belts for medium grip. When you use these discs, you can shave your welds down and then blend them to the final shape. You can then remove the scratches caused by the blending process and then do a final, manual finish that will give the work a final, brushed finish that is the hallmark of a project that’s done and ready to go. And it all comes in one convenient pack.

Quick, Safe Shipping

If you want a proper finish and need the Walter Brushed Finish Kit, we can send your kit anywhere within the continental United States through one of our trusted shipping partners. The shipping cost itself is reasonably priced, but if you need more gear or accessories, an order of over $100 means you don’t have to pay a shipping cost at all; we’ll do it as our thank you for your continued support of our business.


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