Walter 07T502 5" Instant Polish™ Flap Disc

$ 32.57
By Walter


Walter 07T502 5" Instant Polish Flap Disc



Get a professional shine efficiently and with the versatility of a flap disc. Strong removal rates and improved finishing capabilities ensure a consistent surface finish every time. 


  • Diameter: 5"
  • Ideal for mirror finishing jobs
  • One step finishing solution to reduce cost
  • Achieves a #8 mirror stainless steel finish 
  • Polish without paste and felt products
  • To produce a mirror finish 
  • Architectural manufacturer
  • Also available in 4.5" diameter (07T452)



    • REDUCED WASTE: ECOTRIM allows trimming the backing pad up to 3 times to expose unused material and extend the life of the product.
    • LESS PLASTIC: 35% of the weight of the ECOTRIM is natural fibers to reduce overall quantity of synthetic components required to produce backing pads
    • LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION: The cold cured glue used in conjunction with the ECOTRIM doesn’t require an additional oven curing step and reduces overall energy consumption during the manufacturing process of the discs