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  • Walter Grinding Wheel - 4 1/2" HP™ 1/4" - 08-B-450
  • Walter 08-B-450 4 1/2" x 1/4" x 7/8" Grinding Wheel (25 pack)

Walter 08B450 4.5" x 1/4" Spin-On HP Type-27 Grinding Wheel

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Walter 08B450 4.5" x 1/4" Spin-On HP Type-27 Grinding Wheel


Walter HP cup wheels are designed for rough grinding or snagging work. Each wheel has a deeply anchored wrap-around steel hub for maximum safety and long  life. A 5/8"-11" threaded arbor for SPIN-ON mounting reduces downtime for wheel changes and helps you finish your toughest grinding jobs faster.


  • Arbor: 5/8-11"
  • Type 27S Cutting Wheel
  • Max RPM: 13,300
  • Grade: A-24-HPS
  • Extra long wheel life
  • High performance wheel that grinds off metal fast
  • High performance grinding wheel for everyday grinding



  • Cast iron
  • Steel



  • Deburring
  • Grinding welds
  • Preparing weld edges
  • Shaping





08B450 4.5" 1/4" 5/8"-11" 27S A-24-HPS
08B455 4.5" 1/4" 5/8"-11" 27 A-24-HPS
08B500 5" 1/4" 5/8"-11" 27S A-24-HPS
08B505 5" 1/4" 5/8"-11" 27 A-24-HPS
08B630 6" 1/4" 5/8"-11" 27S A-24-HPS
08B715 7" 1/4" 5/8"-11" 27 A-24-HPS
08B915 9" 1/4" 5/8"-11" 27 A-24-HPS

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    Grinding Efficiently With a Walter Grinding Wheel

    Metal working is tough, demanding work at every stage. It requires a great understanding of the material, its limitations and, perhaps more importantly, having intimate knowledge and trust of the tool you’re using to work the material, and the skill to handle it properly. Grinding is an essential part of this kind of work, removing unnecessary materials, smoothing things down, or just getting a part ready for the next critical step like welding. With so much at stake, you need the right accessory, and Walter’s HP Grinding Wheel is the answer to this need.

    The Walter Commitment to Quality

    It would all begin with Walter Somer. In the 1950s, in the little Montreal suburb of Pointe-Claire, Walter Somer decided to put his dreams into action. He saw how the tradesmen of French Canada worked, and he was convinced that with his improvements to tools, they could work better and safer. He started his business and proved he was right. French Canada wanted his tools, then the rest of Canada did too. Finally, even America became interested.

    That little Quebec company is now called Walter Surface Technologies and 50 years later has offices in different parts of the world. But Walter Somer’s commitment to making quality tools with new improvements to make them work better, safer, faster and more efficiently hasn’t changed. Because of that, Walter products continue to set new industry standards, and when it comes to grinding, the 08-B-450 HP grinding wheel is a fantastic, versatile accessory.

    Grinding Done Right

    The 08-B-450 HP is a 4½” grinding wheel that is designed for general purpose, all day work. The HP stands for “high performance,” meaning that much of the design has gone into ensuring maximum comfort when working with the wheel. Only the highest quality abrasive grains were used, to make sure that greater hardness and wear resistance were combined into one product. The wheel has been carefully designed to be perfectly centered. This means you get the best performance out of it, as it stays where you put it, and remains comfortable and easy to use.

    The 08-B-450 HP has a high rate of removal for grinding off metal fast, but at the same time, it also has a long, durable lifespan before needing replacement. When it does come time to switch out the disc, the changeover is fast and easy thanks to its design. This wheel is perfect for working with deburring, grinding welds, preparing weld edges and even shaping. If you work with cast iron and steel, this is the disc you need for versatile, general purpose work with high safety, comfort, and performance.

    Low Price, Fast Delivery

    If you want to try the 08-B-450 HP grinding wheel for yourself, we can send it straight to your door anywhere in the continental USA. Shipping fees are very reasonable and delivery times are fast because of our alliances with trusted shipping partners. If you want even more value, placing an order with us over $100 means no shipping and handling fee at all. We’ll pay that ourselves, as a way of showing you that your decision to support our business means a lot to us.


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