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  • walter 08-b-452
  • Walter 08-B-452 4 1/2" x 1/8" x 7/8" Grinding Wheel (25 pack)

Walter 08B452 4.5" x 1/8" Spin-On HP Combo Grinding Wheel

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Walter 08B452 4.5" x 1/8" Spin-On HP Combo Grinding Wheel


Walter's 1/8" wheels set new standards for performance in combined depressed wheels (for portable angle grinders). They are specially reinforced to withstand the stress in off-hand cutting operations. Whether cutting, grooving, notching or light grinding, these wheels are guaranteed to give you the longest wheel life, fastest material removal and maximum safety.


  • Arbor: 5/8-11"
  • Type 27S Cutting Wheel
  • Max RPM: 13,300
  • Grade: A-30-Combo
  • Fast and free cutting
  • Hold their cutting edge longer beyond compare



  • Cast iron
  • Steel



  • Cleaning
  • Shaping





08B452 4.5" 1/8" 5/8"-11" 27S A-30-COMBO
08B457 4.5" 1/8" 5/8"-11" 27 A-24-COMBO
08B502 5" 1/8" 5/8"-11" 27S A-30-COMBO
08B507 5" 1/8" 5/8"-11" 27 A-24-COMBO
08B632 6" 1/8" 5/8"-11" 27S A-30-COMBO

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    Do Your Steel Cutting the Walter Way

    Like so many of the processes in the heavy industry, when it comes to cutting, you need to make sure you get the job done right the first time. Of course, the biggest reason for this is that if a cut doesn’t work out, there’s usually no way to correct it, and you’ll need to start over. More importantly, if you’re working to a deadline and things need to be done quickly, getting the right cut fast, the very first time is better for you and your entire team, especially if the cutting is coming much later down the line. That’s why the Walter HP Combo Wheel is so important.

    A Story of Canadian Quality

    Walter Somer lived in the Montreal suburb of Pointe-Claire during the 1950s. Here, he went into business for himself, starting a company that was aimed at helping French Canadian workers in the heavy industries to do their jobs faster, better and more safely. He succeeded, and word of his quality tools spread beyond French Canada into the rest of the country, and eventually into America as well.

    Now, his company is known as Walter Surface Technologies and has offices on different continents around the world. It continues to research, develop, design and improve tools, setting new standards for the industry in a variety of processes, including blending, grinding, finishing, and, of course, cutting. The Walter 08-B-452 HP Combo is just one more example of the specific accessories Walter designs for every contingency.

    The Right Cut

    The 08-B-452 HP Combo is a 4½” wheel for cutting and grinding. It’s been built to help tradesmen that need to do off-hand cutting applications with comfort, and allows for fast, free cutting, while holding its cutting edge longer than many other brands in the industry. You don’t need a pin key, as this spin-on wheel is very easy to remove and put on very quickly, and has a polymer construction that absorbs vibration to make working comfortable and easy.

    The 08-B-452 HP Combo is designed for cutting, grooving, grinding, root cleaning, shaping or notching. If you need to work with cast iron or steel, this has one of the highest removal rates in the industry so you can get your work done quickly. Enjoy comfort and efficiency, with great cost effectiveness thanks to both the speed and lifespan of the wheel.

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