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  • 08-b-460
  • Walter 08-B-460 4 1/2" x 1/4" x 7/8" Grinding Wheel (25 pack)

Walter 08B460 4.5" x 1/4" x 7/8" HP Type-27 Grinding Wheel

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Walter 08B460 4.5" x 1/4" x 7/8" HP Type-27 Grinding Wheel


These Walter HP™ Grinding Wheels are great for general purpose grinding on steel.  These Walter Grinding Wheels have an abrasive grain formula that has great wear resistance and hardness.  HP™ Grinding Wheels take down welds quicker and is a great value. These High Performance Grinding Wheels have set new industry benchmarks in general purpose grinding on steel.


  • Arbor: 7/8"
  • Max RPM: 13,300
  • Grade: A-24-HPS
  • Type 27 
  • High performance wheel that grinds off metal fast
  • Extra Long Wheel Life



  • Cast iron 
  • Steel



  • Deburring
  • Grinding welds
  • Preparing weld edges
  • Shaping





08B310 3" 1/4" 3/8" 27 A-24-HPS
08B400 4" 1/4" 5/8" 27 A-24-HPS
08B410 4" 1/4" 3/8" 27 A-24-HPS
08B460 4.5" 1/4" 7/8" 27 A-24-HPS
08B510 5" 1/4" 7/8" 27 A-24-HPS
08B600 6" 1/4" 7/8" 27 A-24-HPS
08B710 7" 1/4" 7/8" 27 A-24-HPS
08B910 9" 1/4" 7/8" 27 A-24-HPS


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    Quality All-Purpose Grinding Starts with the Walter 08-B-460 Grinding Wheel

    In the 21st century, grinding has become a more important process than ever in ensuring high quality work. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics to make something look smooth and polished. Often, an exact shape, specific dimension and smooth surface are critical to a structure or a piece of equipment working at maximum efficiency. It’s a difficult, demanding job that requires the right skill and tools.
    Grinders and the wheels they use are the tools that skilled professionals use to get these final jobs done. It takes a delicate touch since the wrong move can break a work piece, but when a trained, experienced tradesman uses the right equipment and accessories, it can be an incredibly fast, and efficient process that looks easy. This is the case when the Walter 08-B-460 grinding wheel is used.

    Walter Grinding Wheels Have A Touch of Northern Quality

    Walter J. Somer lived in Pointe-Claire, a suburb of Montreal in the French Canadian province of Quebec, a far cry from the big industrial capitals of America. But it was here, in 1952, that he started J. Walter Company and quickly made a mark with the professionals in heavy industry for the quality of his tools. That reputation rapidly spread beyond the confines of Quebec to the rest of Canada and eventually the USA.
    Now, Walter Surface Technologies is a global leader, setting industry standards with its commitment to safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness. They have offices in Canada, the USA and Europe, and their innovative research and design has spread to many aspects of heavy industry, although they’re never far from their roots, as clearly seen with accessories like the Walter 08-B-460 Grinding Wheel.

    A Fine Grinding Wheel for Smaller Work

    The Walter 08-B-460 is a 4 1/2” wheel that is part of the Walter “HP” line, which stands for “High Performance.” The wheel achieves this through an emphasis on maximum comfort and handling, regardless of the application you’re using it for. The HP line is designed for deburring, grinding welds, preparing weld edges and shaping, and works well with cast iron and steel.
    As with other Walter products, the 08-B-460 is built with an incredibly long lifespan compared to other products on the market. This endurance, combined with its fast removal rate makes this an exquisite wheel, especially when combined with its cost versus the rate of replacement most skilled workers experience with other wheels in this class.

    Good Pricing & Fast Shipping on all Walter Grinding Wheels

    You can get your 08-B-460 in packs of 25 or 100, shipped anywhere in the continental USA at a good price. And you won’t have to wait long thanks our partnership with established, reputable shipping companies. And just remember that with every order you place over $100, there’s no shipping charge at all; it’s our way of saying “thanks” for your continued support.


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