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  • Walter 08W450 4.5" x 1/4" x 7/8" ALLSTEEL™ Grinding Wheel

Walter 08W450 4.5" x 1/4" x 7/8" ALLSTEEL™ Grinding Wheel

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Walter 08W450 4.5" x 1/4" x 7/8" ALLSTEEL™ Grinding Wheel



Walter ALLSTEEL Grinding Wheels deliver fast removal rates and top performance when working on steel and stainless steel. These grinding wheels are made with superior grade grains, the latest bonding technology and are reinforced for maximum operator safety and comfort. Do more work in less time with ALLSTEEL grinding wheels.


  • Diameter: 4.5"
  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Arbor: 7/8"
  • Grade: A-30
  • Max RPM 13,300
  • Excellent removal rate
  • Heavily reinforced to optimize safety in tough applications 
  • Smooth grinding with less effort 
  • Minimizes work-surface gouging 





08W450 4.5" 1/4" 7/8" A-30
08W452 4.5" 1/8" 7/8" A-30
08W455 4.5" 1/4" 5/8-11" (Metal Hub) A-30
08W457 4.5"  1/8" 5/8-11" (Metal Hub) A-30
08W500 5" 1/4" 7/8" A-30
08W502 5" 1/8" 7/8" A-30
08W600 6" 1/4" 7/8" A-30
08W602 6" 1/8" 7/8" A-30
08W605 6" 1/4" 5/8-11" (Metal Hub) A-30
08W607 6" 1/8" 5/8-11" (Metal Hub) A-30
08W700 7" 1/4" 7/8" A-30
08W702 7" 1/8" 7/8" A-30
08W705 7" 1/4" 5/8-11" (Metal Hub) A-30
08W707 7" 1/8" 5/8-11" (Metal Hub) A-30
08W900 9" 1/4" 7/8" A-30
08W902 9" 1/8" 7/8" A-30
08W905 9" 1/4" 5/8-11" (Metal Hub) A-30
08W907 9" 1/8" 5/8-11" (Metal Hub) A-30


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Quality Craftsmanship with The Walter 08-C-450 Grinding Wheel

Heavy industry and the world of engineering and construction have a huge arsenal of different techniques to make modern structures and facilities at a much faster—and safer—rate than what craftsmen and tradespeople experienced in the previous century. We have decades of experience now using smarter designs and more high-tech tools, and the results show; when a project puts quality first, the results are impressive.
But that doesn’t happen without a combination of experienced people using exactly the right tools to get the job done. Grinding and cutting are one of the fundamental functions of construction, and despite being old techniques, they are still more important now than ever before. And that’s why Walter Surface Technologies is here to serve.

See The Canadian Difference with Walter Grinding Wheels

Back in 1952, Canadian Walter J. Somer started his heavy industry company in Pointe-Claire, what is now a suburb of Montreal in the French Canadian province of Quebec. From humble beginnings, the reputation for his work quickly spread, and in just a few short decades, Walter Surface Technologies emerged as one of the companies that set industrial standards in both Canada and the USA.
In the 21st century, Walter Surface Technologies is now a highly respected industrial company with a global presence, reputation for quality and a forward thinking vision of both safety for workers and environmental friendliness. But their commitment to quality tools for industrial use hasn’t changed a bit.

Have Confidence in Walter Grinding Wheel Safety

The Walter 08-C-450 Grinding Wheel is manufactured to the demanding specifications of people working with steel and stainless steel. It sports extremely fast removal rates and uses the latest bonding technology for superior grade grains. This grinding wheel has been built reinforcements to provide maximum operator safety and resists both bending and twisting for increased efficiency and safety.
The 08-C-450 is a type-27 grinding wheel and perfect for people looking to do free cutting, cool cutting or fast cutting. It’s part of the Walter AllSteel line, and this particular set comes in packs of 25, to ensure that you have enough wheels to complete the job. It’s an excellent choice in grinding wheels for people that want safe, reliable work.

Fast, Reasonable Shipping on Grinding Wheels

If you need to stock up on your supply of 08-C-450 Walter Grinding Wheels, you can be assured of a reasonable shipping fee and timely delivery with our trusted shipping partners. And if you want more than 25 wheels, orders over $100 have no shipping and handling fee at all; it’s on us as a show of thanks for your support.


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