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  • Walter 10-Q-143 14" x 3/32" x 1" Chopcut Chop Saw Wheel (10 Pack)

Walter 10Q143 14" x 3/32" x 1" Chopcut Chop Saw Wheel

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Walter 10Q143 14" x 3/32" x 1" Chopcut Chop Saw Wheel 

These Walter Chopcut wheels have been specifically developed for use on portable chop saws. They put minimum load on the motor and are easy on the operator and on the saw. Best of all, Chopcut wheels deliver quick cuts and exceptional lifespan


  • Arbor: 1"
  • Type: 1 
  • Grade: A-30-HC+
  • Max RPM: 4,400
  • Cut a full range of materials
  • Fast cutting rate and long wheel life
  • The wheel of choice for solids
  • Cuts well on stainless steel and steel



  • Stainless steel
  • Steel



  • Performance cutting with portable chop saws





10Q123 12" 3/32" 1" 1 A-30-HC+
10Q143 14" 3/32" 1" 1 A-30-HC+
10Q163 16" 7/64" 1" 1 A-30-HC+

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    Precision Welding Equipment Is A Must

    The precise cuts you make on a daily or almost-daily basis as a welder requires the use of the highest-quality tools so you get the job done quickly, expertly, and correctly the first time. Portability is often a factor for welders, making it necessary to have tools at your disposal that not only work exceptionally well, but are easy to transport from one job site to the next. At Welding Outfitter we offer a wide range of portable, high-quality products, such as the Walter 10Q143 14" x 3/32" x 1" Chopcut Chop Saw Wheel. The chop saw wheel makes it easy to move among jobs without compromising quality or safety.

    The Walter Surface Technologies Difference

    Walter Surface Technologies has remained a leader in the surface technology industry for more than 60 years, and serves seven countries in North America, South America, and Europe. The company specializes in high-quality, high-productivity power tools, chemical solutions, abrasives, and environmental solutions so workers across heavy industries work better, faster, and with more confidence. The tagline “only the best” sums up the brand’s commitment to excellence, which is obvious with each product featuring the Walter Surface Technologies name. This outstanding company continues to develop products that maximize productivity and safety for your convenience.

    The Portable Solution You Need

    The Walter Chopcut Chop Saw Wheel was created especially for portable chop saw use. The tool puts only the minimum load on the saw’s motor and is extremely easy to operate. The wheels make it easy to make cuts quickly and accurately, and they slice through steel and stainless steel without issue. The tool accessory also offers a long wheel life so you can cut through metal and other solids without worrying your product is going to die before the work day is over. You will get the performance you need with this excellent item that remains the “wheel of choice for solids.”

    Fast, Easy, & Affordable

    At Welding Outfitter, it is our job to get you the products you need quickly and without damage so you can move forward with your welding work feeling safe and confident. We strive to keep our prices affordable and offer free shipping on orders $100 or over to keep your costs down. You can always expect fast shipping when you work with us, as we have partnered with some of the best and most efficient shipping companies in the country. Our products are easily shipped anywhere in the continental United States so you never have to wait long for what you need.

    Since it is difficult to fully concentrate when you are worried about the level of protection your gear offers or whether your tools are going to last as long as you would like, work with the company that wants you to do your very best each day. Those problems are eliminated when you choose from our incredible product catalogue. Stay safe on the job every day--choose Welding Outfitter’s products and services and reap the benefits!

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