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  • ($75.17) Walter 11-R-042 4 1/2" Toughcut™ Cut-Off Wheel

Walter 11R042 4.5" x 3/32" x 7/8" Toughcut™ A30 Cut-Off Wheel

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Walter 11R042 4.5" x 3/32" x 7/8" Toughcut™ A30 Cut-Off Wheel


These wheels cut fast and free without binding to minimize the load on the tool and maintain high RPM for a clean cut and superior all-around performance. 

  • Arbor: 7/8"
  • Type: 1
  • Grade: A-30
  • Max RPM: 13,300
  • Best all around performance
  • Cuts clean
  • Cuts fast
  • Cuts free
  • Thin wheels



  • Stainless steel
  • Steel



  • Cutting with angle grinders and circular saws





11R042 4.5" 3/32" 7/8" 1 A-30
11R052 5" 3/32" 7/8" 1 A-30
11R062 6" 3/32" 7/8" 1 A-30
11R072 7" 3/32" 7/8" 1 A-30
11R092 9" 3/32" 7/8" 1 A-30

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Tough Jobs Call For Walter 11-R-042 Toughcut™ Cut-Off Wheels

Heavy industry involves a lot of different processes before you get to the result, which may be a building, a tool, a pipeline, or some other everyday component of modern life that many people take for granted. These processes are varied in their uses and execution, such as welding, which can either cut materials apart or fix them together.
In some cases, however, cutting is not necessarily best accomplished by using welding techniques, but by using good old fashioned friction.
Cutting wheels, for example, are one piece of hardware that can often come in handy for jobs that require fast, clean cuts, but you have to make sure you’re using the right cutting wheel on the right material to get the best results, and Walter has you covered.

A History of Innovation

During the 1950s, in the French Canadian suburb known as Pointe-Claire, Walter Somer made the decision to give more help and support to the local heavy industry of the region. He was sure that his knowledge of engineering and design could come up with better ways for the skilled workers of Montreal and the rest of the region to do their jobs.
Now, in a new century, that small Canadian company is a global force to in the heavy industry. Walter Surface Technologies has offices in different countries around the world and has remained committed to improving the tools, accessories, consumables and other important components that professionals need to get good results in good time. The 11-R-042 cut-off wheel is just another example of this.

Quality Cutting

The Walter 11-R-042 is part of the Walter “Toughcut” series designed to work with angle grinders or circular saws. This line of wheels is for people serious about getting high performance cutting out of their work, and want to do things as efficiently as possible. The 11-R-042 is the largest cut-off wheel in this series at 4 ½“, and is made with steel and stainless steel cutting in mind.
Like the other cut-off wheels in the Toughcut series, the 11-R042 is a premium product that emphasizes all-around performance. It cuts fast, free, clean and the wheels are thin to make for better, more precise results. High RPM and no binding mean this is an easy cut-off wheel to use that will get the cuts you need faster and neater. This is the wheel you’ll want to have on hand for just about any job you may have, especially the tough ones, where good results count.

Quick Delivery, Great Prices

If you need some Walter Toughcut wheels for your grinder or circular saw, we can send an order to any door in the continental United States. You won’t be kept waiting long, and when your delivery arrives your items will be in perfect condition thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, reliable shipping partners. If you’re looking to get more value for your money, then stock up with us on more products you need.
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