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  • Walter 11-T-142 4 1/2" ZipWheel Cut-Off Wheel
  • Walter 11-T-142 4 1/2 x 3/64 (.045") x 7/8 Depressed Center Zip Wheel (25 pack)

Walter 11T142 4.5" x 3/64" x 7/8" Type-27 Zipcut Cut-Off Wheel

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Walter 11T142 4.5" x 3/64" x 7/8" Type-27 Zipcut Cut-Off Wheel


Zip Wheel is the highest performing cut-off wheel on the market. Faster, cooler, freer cutting and heavily reinforced for added safety, Zip Wheel provides premium performance while resisting and bending. This allows for a true, straight cut every time. The end results is a wheel that improves worker safety while delivering the lowest cost-per-cut in the industry.  

  • Arbor: 7/8"
  • Type: 27
  • Grade: A-60-ZIP
  • Max RPM: 13,300
  • Exclusive packaging for better protection
  • Extra long wheel life
  • Fast and free cutting
  • Heavily reinforced for extra safety
  • New Patented Integrated Rib Design



  • Cast iron 
  • Sheet metal
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel



  • High performance cutting





11T142 4.5" 3/64" 7/8" 27 A-60-ZIP
11T152 5" 3/64" 7/8" 27 A-60-ZIP
11T162 6" 3/64" 7/8" 27 A-60-ZIP
11T172 7" 1/16" 7/8" 27 A-46-ZIP
11T192 9" 5/64" 7/8" 27 A-46-ZIP

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    Demanding Jobs Get Done With the Walter 11-T-142 Zip Wheel

    In heavy industry and construction, there are a lot of different important tasks that need to get done for a project to come together. Cutting is one of those jobs that requires a delicate balance of power and precision if work is going to be completed to the exacting specifications required. This needs a steady eye, a steady hand and the right kind of equipment to take advantage of those skills.
    Cut off wheels are part of that process. But it’s not enough to just get the job done. Efficiency is also a part of the process, and if you want to be able to work to the best of your ability, you need equipment and accessories that can keep up with you. Your equipment must do the work at the rate you need it to, and not require constant maintenance or replacement just to ensure the quality you need is the final result. For that kind of high-performance demand, the Walter 11-T-142 is just the Zip Wheel you need.

    The Difference in Walter Zip Wheel Products

    It was back in Canada in the early 1950s that Walter J. Somer, of the Montreal suburb of Pointe-Claire, first started a company dedicated to helping the Quebec heavy industry sector get jobs done with the best equipment Mr. Somer could design. The J. Walter Company became a huge success, and today, it has offices in North America and Europe and is known as Walter Surface Technologies.
    Walter Surface Technologies has become an important part of many industry projects across a broad range of tools and needs. Grinding, finishing, sanding, blending and many other critical activities are all addressed with different lines of Walter products that provide quality work and set industry standards. Cutting, of course, is another of those activities, and the Walter Zip Wheels are an essential part of this process.

    High-End Performance With the 11-T-142 Zip Wheel

    The Walter 11-T-142 zip wheel is Walter’s elite cut off wheel, boasting the highest performance and the longest endurance of any wheels on the market. It’s also incredibly efficient, with the lowest cost-per-cut of other 3/64” thin cut off wheels available on the market today. Properly used and maintained, this zip wheel will give you a much longer period of high-performance cutting, and won’t be expensive to use.
    The 11-T-142 is built for fast and free cutting, and will work with cast iron, sheet metal, stainless steel and steel, giving you a broad range of materials you can work on. For added safety, extra reinforcement has been engineered into the wheels, and even the packaging has been designed for extra protection.

    Reasonable, Quick Shipping

    If you need a pack of Walter 11-T-142 Zip Wheels for your big projects, we have very reasonable prices, and can ship the wheels to you anywhere in the continental USA through our alliance of trusted shipping partners. And you don’t have to worry about the shipping cost; that’s on us as our way of showing appreciation to you for your business.



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