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  • Walter 15R458 4.5" x 7/8" 80 Grit Enduro-Flex Flap Disc

Walter 15R458 4.5" x 7/8" 80 Grit Enduro-Flex Flap Disc

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Walter 15R458 4.5" x 7/8" 80 Grit Enduro-Flex Flap Disc


The ENDURO-FLEX one-step finishing discs not only meet but surpass the challenges that the metal fabricating industry faces on a daily basis. With the new ultra sharp and refined zirconium grain, the ENDURO-FLEX finishing disc will stay sharper for a longer period of time while removing more material faster.


In addition, a special top coat continuously cools and lubricates the disc for smooth, vibration-free grinding and sanding from start to finish. Moreover, there is no need to discard the disc when the flap overhang is worn down to the backing because the ENDURO-FLEX disc can be restored to like-new performance by reducing the diameter of the ECO-TRIM backing.


  • Arbor: 7/8"
  • Grit: 80
  • Max RPM: 13,300
  • One step finishing solution to reduce cost
  • Quiet, vibration-free grinding
  • Raised hub fits all standard grinder back flanges
  • With integral thread 5/8"-11"
  • ECO-TRIM backing for increased life and flexibility
  • Safe and easy to trim
  • Always use a back flange
  • Backing can be trimmed for working in corners



  • Steel
  • Stainless steel



  • Grinding and finishing welds
  • Surface finishing 





15R454 4.5" 7/8" 40
15R456 4.5" 7/8" 60
15R458 4.5" 7/8" 80
15R462 4.5" 7/8" 120
15R504 5" 7/8" 40
15R506 5" 7/8" 60
15R508 5" 7/8" 80
15R512 5" 7/8" 120
15R604 6" 7/8" 40
15R606 6" 7/8" 60
15R608 6" 7/8" 80
15R612 6" 7/8" 120
15R704 7" 7/8" 40
15R706 7" 7/8" 60
15R708 7" 7/8" 80
15R712 7" 7/8" 120


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      Get a Proper Finish With Walter Flap Discs

      When your weld is finished, that doesn’t mean the job is finished. There’s more to construction and heavy industry than just joining two parts together. Depending on what that part’s final purpose, it may need to be smoothed, polished, or finished in some other way to make it ready for medical, commercial or consumer use. Every job has a different requirement and a different tool, and Walter Surface Technologies has everything you need to put the final touch on your welds.

      The Walter Legacy of High Quality Flap Discs

      Walter Somer had an idea back in the 1950s. From his Montreal suburb, Pointe-Claire, he started a small company that would create new, better equipment to help French Canada’s heavy industries. Fortunately for both him and the rest of the world, word of his innovations spread quickly, and people throughout the rest of Canada, America and the globe wanted to benefit from his work. In the 21st century, that small company is now Walter Surface Technologies, with offices in different countries and a worldwide reputation for setting new industry standards for their research and development. The company has consistently applied new thinking and designs to every aspect of heavy work, and the crucial final phases of finishing have received a lot of thought, care and new equipment to do the job.

      The Final, Professional Touch

      Welding is, by nature, a messy job since it’s about joining two separate materials together into a stronger, solid piece by applying a lot of heat. The weld itself is where the biggest mess occurs, but Walter 15-R-458 steel flap discs were designed explicitly to address this. The discs use an ultra-sharp, refined zirconium grain to remove material at a rapid rate. They’ve been built with a special coat to stay cool and lubricate the disc for smoother work. This is a very efficient one-step finishing solution to reduce both cost and time. The disc itself is full of features, such as quiet, vibration free grinding to ensure accurate work. For a longer life, the eco-trim backing can be removed to give you more of the disc to work with, rather than replacing it with a new one once the initial edge is worn. The raised hub fits all standard grinder back flanges, and it has a maximum RPM of 13, 3000 at 80 Grit.

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