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  • Walter 53F103 E-Weld Anti-Spatter Gel

Walter 53F103 E-Weld Anti-Spatter Gel

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Walter 53F103 E-Weld Anti-Spatter Gel  


Superior anti-spatter gel for protecting welding nozzles and contact tips. 


  • Contains no chlorinated compounds: Silicone-free
  • Extends torch life
  • Faster, easier cleaning of nozzle and contact tips 
  • Non-toxic
  • Prevents build-up of weld spatter and flux



  • Leather wear
  • Preventing build-up on torch nozzles 


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Welding Works Better With Walter Anti-Spatter Gel

To the average, untrained eye, welding is simply a matter of putting an enormous heat source in contact with two pieces that need to be joined and watching the sparks fly as the material is softened and brought together. And while that general principle may be correct, there’s an enormous amount of knowledge, skill, training and experience that is required to do this with the kind of precision and finesse needed for professional jobs.
Welding is an essential part of the industrial process, and in many projects, the quality of a welding job can affect the efficiency, profitability and even human safety of a workspace once it is complete and it’s time actually to go into full-fledged operation. That’s why it’s important that welding gets every opportunity to take advantage of greater efficiency, speed and precision, and that’s why Walter anti-spatter gel is an often overlooked secret weapon in good welding work.

A Canadian Legacy of Quality

It was in the Montreal suburb of Pointe-Claire, back in 1952, when Walter J. Somer began what he thought would be a small, humble venture to start a company that would service the province of Quebec’s industrial sector with the tools he hoped would improve their working conditions. In the 21st century, that company is now Walter Surface Technologies, with a global reputation for setting standards that other competitors aspire to meet.
Walter equipment and accessories are now so ubiquitous in industrial circles that it’s difficult to imagine a working world without these tools. In the same way some people forget they need oxygen to breathe, many take the presence of Walter tools in their lives for granted; they need them, and they’re just there. This is especially true when it comes to the little things, like how welding can be improved with Walter anti-spatter gel.

Improve Your Work with Walter Anti-Spatter Gel

Walter anti-spatter gel is an extra bit of safety, and protection for your welder that is designed to prevent build up on your torch nozzle, although it can also be applied to leatherwear for additional protection. The gel goes both on and in your torch, protecting the interior and exterior of gun nozzles and contact tips. Even the height of the packaging itself has been designed so that when you dip the nozzle in, it prevents the blocking of the gas diffusers in the nozzle itself.
The gel is completely safe around people, being both non-toxic and non-chlorinated, as well as being silicone free. By using this gel regularly, you get much better, predictable, reliable performance from your welder, so it lasts longer and works at the level of quality you need. This is another of the small, but crucial ways that a careful welder can significantly increase both quantity and quality of work in the lifespan of a tool.

Good Prices, Quick Shipping

If you want a can of Walter anti-spatter gel, we have very reasonable shipping rates available, and can get the gel to you promptly anywhere in the continental United States, thanks to our alliances with established shipping partners. However, if you know you’ll be needing more than just one can, if you order over $100 worth of product from us, we’ll pay for the shipping to you as a gesture of appreciation for your business.


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