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  • Walter 53F212 E-Weld Nozzle Shield Spray Aerosol: 13.5 oz Can

Walter 53F212 E-Weld Nozzle Shield Spray Aerosol: 13.5 oz Can

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Walter 53F212 E-Weld Nozzle Shield Spray Aerosol: 13.5 oz Can


(Must have Walter 53L121 Nozzle Applicator to use this product, sold separately)


Walter E-Weld Nozzle Spray extends the life of your MIG welding nozzles.  It avoids spatter build up from adhering to the MIG Nozzle.


  • Economical - only a thin layer needed 
  • Extends life of nozzles
  • High amount of active ingredients 
  • Reduces downtime
  • Ceramic-based formula
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Eliminate the frequent need for replacement 


Walter 53F212 E-Weld Nozzle Shield Spray MSDS Sheet

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Keep Your Welding Quality Consistent With Walter E-Weld Nozzle Shield Spray

Welding seems like a simple, straightforward activity to someone without training, but as with any skill, things only look easy when they are acts performed by an expert that has the practice, training, knowledge and skill to perform an action with maximum effect and efficiency. Welding is also a matter of knowing not just how to use the tool, but how to get the most out of the tool.
In the same way that a musician needs an instrument, someone that welds needs the welder itself to get the job done. And that means more than just picking up a welder and using it; that means respecting the welder and its power, as well as knowing how to take care of it so that it has a long, efficient life and doesn’t need constant, expensive repairs or replacement. That’s one of the things e-weld nozzle shield spray helps accomplish.

A Touch of Canadian Quality

In 1952, Walter J. Somer had a simple idea for what he wanted to do with his professional life. As a resident of the Montreal suburb of Pointe-Claire, he had seen how hard it was to work in the construction and heavy industries of French Canadian Quebec, and he wanted to contribute to that effort with the best equipment he could make. He succeeded to a degree he could never imagine.
Today, Walter Surface Technologies sets industry standards across various fields of construction, engineering and other heavy industries, touching many aspects of how professionals work, and providing the level of performance that allows people to work faster and better in grinding, cutting, sanding and many other areas. For welders, the e-weld nozzle shield spray is another tool aimed to help.

Enhancing Longevity with E-Weld Nozzle Spray

Walter e-weld nozzle shield spray is designed to extend the lifespan of your welding nozzle with a unique formulation that is concentrated to evenly coat the inside and outside surface of the welding nozzle. This prevents spatter from adhering to the nozzle and maintains structural integrity. It’s quite economical as only a thin layer is needed, and reduces the frequency of replacements helping to keep work time up and costs down.
It’s important to note that the e-weld nozzle shield spray requires the use of the Walter 53-L-121 Nozzle Applicator to work correctly. When properly used, it works with TIG, MIG welding, and can resist temperatures high enough to make it effective with plasma and laser cutting.

The Right Prices, the Best Times

The e-weld nozzle shield spray can is reasonably priced, and we can deliver it to you in a timely fashion anywhere in the continental USA through our alliance of trusted shipping partners. Our shipping cost is fairly priced, but if you want more cans, an order of over $100 will eliminate your shipping cost as our show of appreciation for your continued patronage.


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