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  • Walter 54D114 Surfox 104 Weld Cleaning System (1 System)

Walter 54D114 Surfox 104 Weld Cleaning System (1 System)

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Walter 54D114 Surfox 104 Weld Cleaning System (1 System)




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Finishing A Weld Doesn’t Mean the Job Is Done

There’s a lot that needs to be done when it comes to doing a proper welding job. You need the right equipment that is designed to work with the specific material have on hand. You need someone that has the experience to work the equipment effectively, but also respects the power of the tool and doesn’t endanger him/herself or anyone else in the area.
But even when all of that equipment and experience is put to the test to successfully weld things together, in some cases, this doesn’t mean that the job is finished. Depending on what the welded part is going to be used for, it may require a clean finish, free from the “spatter” that is an unavoidable part of the welding process. When that kind of requirement is in place for the job you’re doing, you need to make sure things get cleaned up right and Walter Surface Technologies has the tool to do it.

F Walter’s History of Quality

In Canada of the 1950s, in the Montreal suburb known as Pointe-Claire, Walter Somer decided that he wanted to contribute to the French Canadian tradesmen working in the local heavy industry. He knew that there were ways to improve both the safety and the quality of the work that was being done, and he decided he could make that contribution.
In the 21st century, that small French Canadian company is now multi-national and known as Walter Surface Technologies. It has offices in different parts of the world and has a worldwide reputation for quality and innovation. As the name implies, this is a company that knows how to work surfaces, and that includes putting a final level of polish on cleaning up welds.

F Professional Results

The Walter Surfox 104 weld cleaning system is an efficient, quality answer to cleaning out TIG, spot and pulsed MIG welds. Other methods, like pickling pastes can be hazardous, while abrasives like wire brushing and grinding may damage the surface. The Surfox 104 uses any Walter Surfox electrolyte solution to clean the heat tint on welds instantly, with no scrubbing or other mechanical action required. It even applies a passive layer of chromium oxide to protect steel against further corrosion.
The Surfox 104 is a professional, industrial grade tool that works at a rate of about five feet per minute on a TIG weld. It uses an integrated pump system that delivers the cleaning solution constantly, without spills or the need to stop. It is ASTM A967 certified for chemical passivation for stainless steel and has options to allow for the use of a marking handpiece, electro-cleaning, or electro-cleaning with a carbon fiber brush accessory. If you want to clean your welds right, but fast, you want the Surfox 104.

Fair Prices, Speedy Delivery

If you want to increase your productivity with a Walter Surfox 104, we can have it shipped to any address within the continental USA. The delivery will be fast, and the condition will be flawless thanks to the alliances we have with reputable, experienced shipping partners. You don’t even have to worry about shipping and handling costs, we’ll pick up that expense ourselves as a token of appreciation for your choice to support an American business.


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