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  • Walter SURFOX-N™ Cleaning and Neutralizing Solution

Walter SURFOX-N™ Cleaning and Neutralizing Solution

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Walter SURFOX-N™ Cleaning and Neutralizing Solution


SURFOX-N™ neutralizes the SURFOX-H and SURFOX-T soltuions.  Apply SURFOX-N™ to work surface after removing discoloration.




  • Must be used to clean and neutralize SURFOX electrolyte solutions
  • SCAQMD compliant
  • Prevents the formulation of salt deposits (hazy white discoloration) around welds cleaned with SURFOX




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Complete Your Welding Job Properly With Walter Surfox-N Solution

Welding is a multi-stage process, and it doesn’t just end once the torch is turned off and the pieces are joined. Depending on the nature of the job, and the materials you’re working with, there are preparatory stages where you may need to protect the material before welding, there are the careful steps you take during the welding process itself, and once you’re done, you’re not really done.
A material, a structure or another project still needs to be properly prepared before it can used. In some cases, the solutions that were applied to it to protect it and ensure easy finishing must now be removed to get the work ready for the next stage. With the right preparations beforehand, this can be quick and easy, and that’s definitely the case with Walter Surfox-N cleaning and neutralizing solution.

Walter’s Commitment to Quality

Walter J. Somer had humble beginnings in 1952, Pointe-Claire, a suburb of Montreal in French Canada. He just wanted to make quality tools and accessories that workers in Quebec’s heavy industries could use and rely on. He succeeded beyond his expectations, as his tools became a national, then international phenomenon in the industry.
Walter Surface Technologies now commands an impressive reputation across the world in the 21st century. Many different types of skilled, industrial work benefit from their standard setting, pioneering work. And, like you, they don’t stop once the torch is turned off; they know how to complete the job, which is where products like the Surfox-N cleaning and neutralizing formula come in to apply the final touch.

Use Surfox-N for Cleaning and Neutralizing

Once pieces are joined, or a structure is complete, it’s time for the final touches to be applied and make the project ready to do whatever it was meant to do. Whether that is as part of a larger piece of equipment, or as an object that is viewed by huge crowds of people every day as they walk past it. That means that any marking that might have been required to clearly see where to make welds, or any protection to prevent spattering now has to come off.
This is what Walter Surfox-N cleaning and neutralizing formula does. It is SCAQMD compliant, and can be used with electrolytes such as Walter Surfox-H and Surfox-T solutions to clean them out after removing discoloration. As with other Walter cleaning products, this does not alter the surface of the material it is applied to in any way and lets the work get quickly and cleanly completed, ready for the next stage of its life.

Great Prices and Quick Shipping

If you need more Surfox-N solution to get your jobs done, we have great prices on different sizes, with very reasonable shipping rates. We can send your order to you anywhere in the continental United States through our alliance of established, reputable shipping partners. But if you need even more, and order over $100 in goods from us, we’ll pay for the shipping fees ourselves; it’s just our way of saying “thanks” for your business.


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