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  • Walter SURFOX™ Pre-Weld Surface Cleaner

Walter SURFOX™ Pre-Weld Surface Cleaner

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Walter SURFOX™ Pre-Weld Surface Cleaner


Walter SURFOX Pre-Weld is formulated for degreasing and preparing metallic surfaces prior to welding.  If you need a work piece clean before welding then you need to try Walter's SURFOX Pre-Weld Surface Cleaner.



  • Less VOC content when compared to solvent-based surface cleaners
  • Ready-to-use formula makes this weld surface cleaner easy to use
  • SURFOX Pre-Weld is a great replacement for toxic surface preparation solvents such as acetone
  • Prepares metallic surfaces prior to welding 




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The Importance of Cleanliness

Working in the welding industry means dealing with plenty of greasy or otherwise-unclean metallic surfaces on a daily or almost-daily basis. Cleaning those surfaces prior to welding is an essential part of the process to ensure great work and prevent a wide variety of problems connected to unclean surfaces. A lack of cleaning can even make your work more dangerous than it is. The Walter SURFOX Pre-Weld Surface Cleaner solves cleanliness problems easily as its one of the top welding surface cleaners on the market today.

Walter Surface Technologies: An Industry Leader

Walter Surface Technologies remains a leader in the metal fabrication and finishing industries thanks to a tireless dedication to innovation, quality production, and great results. The company was founded in 1952 and since then has made a globe-spanning impression on heavy industry workers. Team members continually strive to improve their products so their customers’ work gets done faster and with greater precision and efficiency. From cut wheels and other power tools to abrasives to power brushes to welding surface cleaners and beyond, you can expect the same level of quality in every Walter Surface Technologies product. Their SURFOX Pre-Weld Surface Cleaner is a fantastic example of the company’s unyielding dedication to quality.

The Perfect Replacement for Toxic Solvents

SURFOX Pre-Weld Surface Cleaner is the non-toxic alternative to harsh chemicals such as acetone. It features lower volatile organic compound (VOC) levels than solvent-based cleaners and comes as a ready-to-use, easy-to-use product. It offers the cleansing and prep metallic surfaces need prior to welding so you can work without losing your grip because of grease or various debris. This biodegradable product is a powerful degreaser that easily cuts through oil, wax, and residues to leave metallic surfaces ready for paint or coating. If you are tired of working with acetone or other toxic chemical surface cleaners, replace them with this outstanding option.

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