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  • Walter SURFOX™ Renew Stainless Steel Cleaner

Walter SURFOX™ Renew Stainless Steel Cleaner

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Walter SURFOX™ Renew Stainless Steel Cleaner


Walter SURFOX™ Renew cleans stainless steel removing contaminants without attacking the parent material.  Removes rust and mineral deposits from Stainless Steel.  


*Must be neutralized with SURFOX-N after application*


  • Gel formulation allows the product to cling to inclined surfaces
  • Solvent free, voc free, non-flammable, biodegradable surfactants
  • Removal of rust, mineral deposits, oxidation, and light grease from Stainless Steel Surfaces
  • Concentrated formula can be diluted up to 1:40 with water
  • Ideal for cleaning of pharmaceutical and food processing equipment




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Get That Perfect Final Touch with Surfox Renew Stainless Steel Cleaner

Steel is one of the great building materials of human civilization. Since its discovery, we’ve used it for every possible project, from large scale buildings to the knives we use to cut our food. It’s strong, durable, and yet at the same time, with the right kind of force and application, can be easily manipulated. It’s a very useful material that’s become an everyday part of our lives, even when we don’t realize it.
But using steel in projects also means needing a certain amount of delicacy. Because of its versatility, we may use steel in a big project as part of a building’s framework, but we can also use it for extremely refined scientific or even gastronomic equipment that can save lives or put food in people’s mouths. That means that steel needs to be finished right, and that’s what Walter Surfox Renew Stainless Steel Cleaner is for.

The Walter Legacy of Quality

Back in 1952, Walter J. Somer, of Pointe-Claire in Montreal, decided that the French Canadian heavy industry sector needed help. He was convinced he could make better tools to allow the skilled workers to get even more out of their abilities. And he was right. His tools made work better, and word quickly spread beyond Quebec.
Today, that small French Canadian company is called Walter Surface Technologies and is a global corporation with involvement in all the major aspects of construction and industrial work. Grinding, polishing, cutting and welding have all benefited from the work of this company and the new standards it has set for craftsmanship. This is especially true when it comes to finishing, with products like the Surfox Renew Stainless Steel Cleaner.

Finishing the Right Way with Surfox Renew

Steel needs a final finishing and cleaning before it’s ready to go, depending on what it’s being used for. Surfox Renew Stainless Steel Cleaner is that final touch that gives steel a complete cleansing to prepare it for the next stage of actual use. Renew is a gel formulation, so it can adhere to inclined surfaces if the need is there.
It is biodegradable, VOC-free, solvent free and non-flammable. It works as a concentrated formula, but can also be diluted with up to 1:40 water and still retain its effectiveness.
Renew is perfect for removing rust, oxidation, and other mineral deposits that may have accumulated during work. Best of all, however, is that the Renew Stainless Steel Cleaner is effective enough that it is graded for use with food processing and even pharmaceutical equipment that relies on absolute, definitive contamination free work to ensure safe operation.

Good Prices with Fast Shipping

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