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  • Walter SURFOX-T™ Heavy Duty Weld Cleaning Solution

Walter SURFOX-T™ Heavy Duty Weld Cleaning Solution

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Walter SURFOX-T™ Heavy Duty Weld Cleaning Solution


The Walter SURFOX-T™  Weld Cleaning Solution is a heavy duty electrolyte solution composed of phosphoric acid and other additives that helps it clean up some of the most demanding dirty weld applications.  The SURFOX-T™ is great for use on TIG, SPOT, and PULSE MIG welds.


For maximum performance use with the following high conductivity pads: (54-B-026, 54-B-027, or 54-B-028)


  • Safe alternative to pickling paste and harsh acids
  • Free from hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid
  • Will remove light scaling
  • ASTM A967 (ASTM 380) certified for passivation 
  • NSF registered for food plant applications
  • Formulated for the most demanding TIG, SPOT and PULSED MIG weld cleaning applications 



  • Stainless steel
  • TIG welds




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    Clean Your Welds the Right Way with Surfox-T Solution

    Welding is a very intensive process. This is no surprise considering the goal is to take separate materials and join them together in such a way as to not weaken them, but make them stronger. Doing this requires a lot of skill, experience and effort, but it can also create a lot of mess that needs to be taken care of before a work can truly be called finished.
    This type of cleaning is also very demanding. This isn’t as simple as wetting a cloth and giving a completed work a good wipe. The enormous amounts of heat have created run-off, debris and even chemical reactions that may have adhered to the work. To get something on that scale cleaned, you need industrial strength, which precisely describes the Surfox-T Heavy Duty Weld Cleaning Solution by Walter.

    Canada’s Contribution to Quality

    When, back in 1952, Walter J. Somer wanted to help the skilled construction and industrial workers of Montreal, he probably didn’t’ imagine that the ideas he had for improving equipment were all that radical. It turns out he was wrong, and his improvements quickly spread his reputation, so his Pointe-Claire business began to get orders from all of Quebec, then all of Canada and then the United States.
    Today, that little company is a multinational corporation known as Walter Surface Technologies, and it has gone on to set new industry standards with a huge range of tools and accessories. Welding, polishing, cutting and other processes have all benefitted from Walter advances, and cleaning also gets some big benefits regardless of how tough the job is, with Surfox-T Cleaning Solution.

    Surfox Weld Cleaning Solution Will Clean It Properly

    Surfox-T Heavy Duty Weld Cleaning Solution is the compound you want to use when the tough welding jobs are completed, but it still needs that final touch of spit n’ polish before it is ready to go. This is the cleaner that will do it, with a heavy duty electrolyte solution that contains phosphoric acid and other additives to clean out TIG, SPOT and pulsed MIG welds.
    Surfox-T is a great alternative to pickling paste and harsh acids. It is free of hydrofluoric and nitric acid and will remove light scaling as well as discoloration. Most important of all, Surfox-T is ASTM A967 Certified, is NSF registered for food plant applications and is SCAQMD compliant. This product is both powerful and safe to use on stainless steel.

    Good Prices, Good Shipping Times

    Surfox-T comes in a variety of different sizes to suit your needs, and we’ve got them at excellent prices, with reasonable shipping fees. We can send your order anywhere within the continental USA thanks to our partnerships with established shippers. And if you need even more, then when you order over $100 from us, you don’t have to worry about shipping and handling fees at all. We’ll pay for it as our show of appreciation for your business.


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