Weldcraft WP-17F A-150 Flex Torch Body Tig Torch (1 each)

$ 163.99 $ 173.00


Weldcraft WP-17F A-150 Flex Torch Body TIG Torch

Weldcraft TIG torches are lightweight and have many different styles to fit the job you're working on. This flexible TIG torch is tried and true. No matter what your TIG needs, Weldcraft has you covered. WP17 TIG torches are rated at 150 amps and are air-cooled. This Weldcraft TIG torch is covered with Miller's True Blue 3 Year Warranty!

Weldcraft WP17F comes with:

  • A-150 Flexible Torch Body 
  • Handle
  • 2-Piece Power Cable 
  • Rubber
  • 12.5 ft. or 25 ft.
  • Long Back Cap