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  • Weldcraft WP-20 W-250 Tig Torch (1 each)

Weldcraft WP-20 W-250 Tig Torch (1 each)

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Weldcraft WP-20 W-250 Tig Torch

Weldcraft WP20 Series TIG torches, also known as W-250 Series TIG Torches consistent torch performance. This TIG torch comes in two styles, normal and valve. This W-250 TIG torch keeps the TIG torch head water-cooled. Weldcraft TIG torches come with Miller's True Blue 3 Year Warranty!

Weldcraft WP-20 Comes Complete With:

  • W-250 Torch Body 
  • Handle 
  • Braided Rubber Power Cable
  • 12ft. or 25ft. 
  • Gas Hose
  • Water Hose
  • Long Back Gap

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Every Welding Part Counts

If there’s one thing that all tradesmen can agree on, it’s that a job like welding involves a lot of different parts. There are the protective components that people themselves need to wear, but on top of that, the tools used to work are far from just needing a simple hammer to get things going. Welding technology has many different components, from the welder that provides the power to the torch itself.
With each part, experienced workers know that it’s important to make sure that a quality component is used if you want quality results. Everything from the durability of a tool to its safety factor has an effect on just how quickly and how a well a job is done. This is something that Miller understands which is why they put so much work into every part, including torches.

Miller Weldcraft Torches Work Hard For You

Miller is another American company that has played an important role in the industry for a long time since the 1920s in fact. They’ve been on both sides of the equation, working at the top level with decision makers focusing on results and efficiency, but they’ve also paid close attention to people “on the ground” who use the tools and need them to work both reliably and safely.
Those years of experience have let them branch out into many different aspects of welding, with a lot of names that have become synonymous with safety quality. The Weldcraft brand is just one more line that people go to for quality tools, and the Weldcraft W-250 TIG torch is a great addition to any worker’s arsenal.

New Name, Same Quality

The Weldcraft W-250 may be better known to some as the WP-20 series of torches, but the change in name hasn’t affected the quality of this TIG torch. It’s still water-cooled to provide consistent, reliable performance, has better comfort and control thanks to its lightweight design, and features easy hose replacement because of its innovative, mechanical fittings.
The Weldcraft W-250 is available in two styles, the normal and valve. It’s also got an extra bit of versatility with accessories available, like the AK4C optional kit. The kit includes one long back cap, as well as extra collets and electrodes to get more efficiency and performance out of your torch. The torch itself comes with everything you need to get started, including a gas hose, water hose, and a braided power cable for easier gripping and handling that’s over 12’ feet long. You also get the peace of mind that comes from having the Miller three year True Blue warranty covering your gear when you buy it.

Great Prices, Speedy Shipping

For anyone that wants to add the Weldcraft W-250 and/or its accessories to the tool collection, we can send an order to any address within the continental United States. You won’t have to wait long to start using it, and it will arrive in perfect condition thanks to our alliances with experienced, reputable shipping partners. You don’t even have to pay any shipping and handling fees for your delivery. We’ll handle that cost ourselves as our way of saying “thanks,” for your decision to support an American business.


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