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  • Weldmark 0384-0672 Cutmaster Deluxe MD Outfit

Weldmark 0384-0672 Cutmaster Deluxe MD Outfit

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Weldmark 0384-0672 Cutmaster Deluxe Medium Duty Outfit

Weldmark Cutmaster Cutting Torch Outfits contain the basic parts needed for a general purpose welding and cutting torch outfit. These Weldmark Cutting Torch Outfits are made by Victor Equipment.

Weldmark 0384-0672 Cutmaster Deluxe Medium Duty Outfit includes:

  • Torch Handle
  • Welding Nozzle
  • Cutting Attachment
  • Cutting Tip
  • Oxygen Regulator
  • Acetylene Regulator (CGA 510)
  • Striker
  • Goggles
  • 20" Grade T hose

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Welding Works for Every Level With Weldmark Cutmaster

Welding is a process that is useful at every level of construction and repair. It’s an essential technique for jobs at the highest level and scale of industry. It used to put together ships, construct buildings, or create offshore marine facilities that have to stand up to the worst that nature can throw at it. The ability to cut hard materials or join them together without sacrificing structural integrity is a key concept in the heavy industry.
But that doesn’t mean that smaller jobs don’t benefit from this as well. Welding equipment can be used for large jobs, but it’s also just as effective on a more personal scale. The units themselves are designed to be used by one person, so whether it’s one person working on the job for a big company, or one person working in a small shop, the need for quality results is the same, and Victor Equipment understands that.

Cutmaster Safety & Reliability

Victor Equipment started over 100 years ago, back in 1913, by someone who understands how important good tools and safety can be. L.W. Stettner began his professional career in welding but then suffered an accident on the job that cost him one of his eyes. Because of that, he committed himself to making sure that equipment didn’t just work well, it worked safely.
Now, over a century later, Victor Equipment continues to operate in America, producing welding equipment that skilled tradesmen can use with confidence and peace of mind. Today, Victor Equipment has patents on many safety-based technologies, such as spiral mixes and gooseneck nozzles. They are now a part of the ESAB Group, a Swedish company, but they continue to work for the safety of skilled workers around the country with equipment like the Weldmark Cutmaster.

Weldmark Cutting Torch Outfits are Ready for Work

The Weldmark 0384-0672 Cutmaster Deluxe is a medium duty outfit that is ready to take on your light to medium welding tasks. This is a fuel gas torch, running off oxy-acetylene gas, and is made of high-quality brass with a stainless steel, two tube design built for durability. For added safety, a spiral mixer is built into the unit for proper gas mixing. The welding handle has Victor’s unique, patented flash-back arrestor with check valves, once again, for more control and safety during operation.
The Cutmaster Deluxe is a great solution for people that work on smaller scale jobs such as HVAC, body shops, plumbing, fabricators, farm and ranch work and, of course, people working on their own personal hobby/projects. This outfit comes with everything you need to get started, with parts like the torch handle, cutting nozzle and oxygen and acetylene regulators, as well as welcome accessories like goggles so that tradesmen have one less thing to worry about for safety and can just dive into the work.

Great Prices, Quick Shipping

If the Weldmark Cutmaster is going to do the job for your needs, you can place an order with us and expect to see it at your door if you live anywhere within the continental United States. Your wait time will be short, and the condition of your order will be pristine and ready to go thanks to the alliances we have with reputable and experienced shipping partners. You won’t even have to worry about shipping and handling charges, that’s on us!


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