• Lincoln K1845-1 Invertec V160-T TIG Welder
  • Lincoln K1845-1 Invertec V160-T TIG Welder
  • Lincoln K1845-1 Invertec V160-T TIG Welder

Lincoln K1845-1 Invertec V160-T TIG Welder

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Lincoln K1845-1 Invertec V160-T TIG Welder


*TIG Torch Not Included With This Machine*  *Must have PTA-9 or PTA-17 TIG Torch with this machine* 


The Lincoln Invertec V160-T is a small but rugged, high-performance DC TIG and Stick welder designed for alloy fabrication, process piping, or critical maintenance work. Weighing in at a portable 24 pounds, the machine automatically connects to 120V or 230V service and features simple torch connections that provide for quick changeover from TIG to Stick welding.




Pulse Control

  • Built in pulsing functions help minimize heat input on thin materials, and provide for a faster freezing weld puddle for uphill welding on curved surfaces such as process piping
  • The TIG pulser also helps moderate filler metal deposition for consistent bead appearance


High-Frequency TIG Starting

  • Makes it easy to establish an arc under a variety of conditions. Enhances quality by minimizing the potential for weld contamination created by tungsten inclusions in the weld


Ideally Suited for External Operations

  • The Lincoln Invertec V160-T’s light-weight and adjustable shoulder strap enable welding in the field
Input Current 115/230/1/50/60
Rated Output 
  • 90A/14.6V/100% TIG 60A/22.4V/100% Stick
  • 110A/14.4V/100% TIG 80A/23.2V/100% Stick
  • 130A/15.2V/100% TIG 130A/22.2V/100% Stick
Input Current
  • 20A
  • 25A
  • 20A
Output Range 5-160A DC
Dimensions (H x W x D)  13" x 8" x 17" (330 mm x 203 mm x 432 mm)
Net Weight 33 lbs (14.97 kg)
  • 115V Input cord (10 ft) and Plug (NEMA 5-15P)
  • 20 Amp Plug (NEMA 5-20P)
  • Twist-Mate™ Torch Adapter for PTA-9 or -17 One-piece Torch
  • Fully Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Work Clamp and Cable

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